Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cross practice report

I thought I was going to be k-solo for a while. I wanted to stay visible but start riding and I managed to find a separate little loop that is all on grass/dirt and is all within plain view of the comcast center. oddly enough, it is fairly technical, a tight turn around a tree, an off camber descent with some loose dirt, and some darkness. It's about .4 miles long.

kevin showed up and we monkeyed with his headset for a bit and then took off, in the end it was 3 laps of the regular loop with the mini loop added in (also made for 3 additional trips up the big hill).

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Jim said...

Nice picture of Jim here. Practicing my mindreading skills, I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "Okay... now I'm supposed to run through THAT?"

Nice racing with you at Granogue Jim, as always.