Monday, November 26, 2007

Chris Flies Solo!!!

So this weekend two proteus riders were signed up to race in taneytown and one punked out. The one that didn't got to ride a pretty cool course. The one that did, hung out with his wife and wrote about it on this blog.

Chris wrote up a pretty thorough race report here. Pictures, videos, all sorts of good stuff. You'd never know that this was only his second race! here are some of the pics taken by his girlfriend Allison:

Next week is the Capital Cross Classic. No punking out on this one!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photos / practice wrap up

Here's a couple pics. There are more here.
Photos from Cynthia's Camera, taken by Tom M.

Practice last night was a group of 3. Josh, Kevin M, and myself. It was more of a social event than a practice (lap, chat, lap, chat, lap, chat) but you need those every so often. Mountain biking this weekend and race post-thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Race Pace CX Report

Today's race was a great day. I did pretty poorly but I don't even care because Proteus was represented SIX RIDERS DEEP.

oddly enough, last year, this course was a little boring, but this year it was super technical.
flat pavement into a sustained low grade hill, fast right and up a hill and straight back down fast right around a field. Off camber into a run-up and back down a tight hill. flat for a bit until we hit a drop and a small hill. the thrilling portion before the finish was a bizarre undulating off camber thing with a ditch that took out a lot of riders.

  • Cynthia killed it with a 4th place finish.
  • Yo made a triumphant return rocking a bianchi roger.
  • Josh rode hard as always
  • Chris made an in-sane debut into cross racing with a top 20 finish. I was pretty excited when he lapped me.
  • Greg also gave 'cross a try for the first time on a borrowed mountain bike in a borrowed jersey.
  • I was there too.
next week is an off week and hopefully we'll have a similar turnout in two weeks for the MABRA state champs in Taneytown.

Pictures will go up as they become available. Above is actually a picture of CJ ripping it up at Tacchino last week.