Sunday, November 11, 2007

Race Pace CX Report

Today's race was a great day. I did pretty poorly but I don't even care because Proteus was represented SIX RIDERS DEEP.

oddly enough, last year, this course was a little boring, but this year it was super technical.
flat pavement into a sustained low grade hill, fast right and up a hill and straight back down fast right around a field. Off camber into a run-up and back down a tight hill. flat for a bit until we hit a drop and a small hill. the thrilling portion before the finish was a bizarre undulating off camber thing with a ditch that took out a lot of riders.

  • Cynthia killed it with a 4th place finish.
  • Yo made a triumphant return rocking a bianchi roger.
  • Josh rode hard as always
  • Chris made an in-sane debut into cross racing with a top 20 finish. I was pretty excited when he lapped me.
  • Greg also gave 'cross a try for the first time on a borrowed mountain bike in a borrowed jersey.
  • I was there too.
next week is an off week and hopefully we'll have a similar turnout in two weeks for the MABRA state champs in Taneytown.

Pictures will go up as they become available. Above is actually a picture of CJ ripping it up at Tacchino last week.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

"I was there too"

Yeah... I crashed and burned (i.e., injured) 2nd lap in. I'll be recovered for next time, though.

I met Yo at the start - glad she had fun. Happy racing!