Monday, December 3, 2007

Capital Cross Classic with bells on!


Capital Cross Classic was COLD. very COLD. No euro-style mud fests though.

5 riders wearing proteus green

CJ had a great race and placed 5th or 6th.
Yo took first place in the women's single speed division!
Rene had a great race in spite of the 1 year gap between this one and his last one.

The "high drama" moment of the day (for us anyway) involved 2 mechanicals. Chris had some shifting problems and I had some "wheel issues" and as a result, I rode about half a lap with no front brakes. We figured out that 2 partially functioning bikes made one fully functional bike and we had another MILESTONE in the legacy that is the proteus cyclocross team. OUR FIRST USAGE OF THE PIT. Chris met me in the pit and gave me his wheel. Giving Chris my bike would be pretty funny because he's about twice my height :) . I was pretty far back at that point, but I'm 100% certain that if I hadn't had that mechanical that I would have made the podium.

pics as they become available.

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