Sunday, September 21, 2008

Charm City Cross Recap!

Wow. Today was a big day for the team. We rolled 10 deep, which was pretty awesome.

My race went like this:
got a decent race position in the start (3rd row). It was kinda interesting because since I was up front, I got involved in a jostling for position elbow throw fest with some guy. I saw Chris whip in front of me pretty quick. I was able to keep with the pack for a while, people were picking me off along the way, but it felt pretty gradual. The first bottleneck came around that off camber turn. I got off the bike and ran it, that seemed to buy me a few spots.

First time over the "natural" barrier, I dropped my chain, but recovered pretty quickly. Rene caught me after not too long and we played tag for a bit.

After a while, I settled in and felt pretty good, well as good as it was going to feel. I tricked myself into thinking that I was in the top half. Didn't quite make it that well, but I was still pretty pleased with how I rode.


C Masters 35+ race was something else. threw down a red bull and a lot of water in the 15 minutes before the start. started in the way back. it was interesting starting in the front and then starting in the back. The back is where I am used to being and it felt a little more normal working my way up gradually. Ultimately, I think I need to get over that and start gunning it harder from the start. I was pretty beat through the whole race, but still managed to work my way up a bit. It made me wonder if I should stop doing the C's and just do the Masters 35+.

All in all, day was great for me. Hope everyone else's race was just as good.

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