Monday, October 6, 2008

weekend recap

all the results aren't in yet but we seemed to be split up and represent at 2 races this weekend.

Hagerstown Breast Cancer Awareness on Saturday:
Shaun and Jen both raced. Matt B was there too (his jersey's coming). CHRIS M got 8th!!! Also it looks like J-dogg from Artemis will be wearing a Proteus Jersey through 'cross season. Nice!

j dogg

Kelley Acres on Sunday:
This is a new race and it is a really good, technical course. It had a stream crossing over some logs that I would have felt fine doing on an MTB, but on a cx bike I wimped out. Ben B didn't though.

I was racing in the Men's C Cat 4, and Ben T was there as well!
Ben B was killing it in the B's. I didn't get to stay for his finish, but when I left it looked like he was moving up significantly. J dogg didn't race until much later so I missed him.

if anyone else has updates or impressions from this week's races, please feel free to put them up here!

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