Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CROSS MY HEART and Single SPeed CX race

All the Relevant information is HERE

but if you just want some updates. Here we go:

ONE- We will have access to the cafe. it has some tasty food, comfy seating, heat, AND FREE HOT SHOWERS, FREE HOT TUB AND SAUNA (though you must first shower), Laundry machines, and for some vices: Big Screen TV with superbowl Pre-game shows and Videogames.

TWO-Field sizes have been reduced slightly just to be realistic and help us with pre-planning and race numbers.

25 in Men's A
50 in Men's B
75 in Men's C
25 in Women's A
50 in Women's B
25 in U16
75 in Single Speed

THREE- it looks like the snow machine is probably not going to happen, but we are going to do our best to bring some fun flavor to the course.

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